Moms ask? Brauer answer!
  • Brauer's Vitamine D product can use in how many day?
    With 0.1mL/ dose/ day. Brauer's Vitamine D can use with in 100 days.
  • Should I let my kids use Brauer products often?
    Brauer products can be used daily because this is an additional dose, not a therapeutic dose so your baby uses every day won't cause any residue of vitamins and minerals.
  • Why the orange still remain in the cylander after-wash?
    Multivitamin products of Brauer with Beta Carotene extracted are precursors of Vitamin A (orange as in pumpkin and carrot) which are completely natural and extremely safe for babies.
  • What should I do when the numbers on cylander was faded?
    Very simple, mothers can take the cylander to the nearest pharmacy and buy a cylinder with the same capacity.
  • Which is the best time for kid to use probiotics powder?
    Brauer Probiotics has lots of probiotics - which is good for your baby's intestinal system and highly recommended to be taken after a full meal. Take 1 time/ day and do not drink after mixing a period of time.
  • Brauer products have sediment?
    Brauer products have natural origin from fruits, so there will be sedimentation. Before using mothers should remember to shake well. With Vitamin D and Multivitamin Infant, when taken from the refrigerator, mothers should roll in the palm of the hand for a little warm and then let the baby drink. Mothers please be assured that the sediment does not reduce the quality of the product.
  • Why Brauer has two kinds of DHA?
    - Brauer Baby & Kids Ultra Pure DHA products with high DHA contained; DHA 150mg and EPA 35mg; focusing on supporting brain development and vision for children over 7 months old.
    - Brauer Baby & Kids Ultra Pure Cod Liver Oil products besides DHA also contain high levels of Vitamin A; DHA 50mg, EPA 35mg, Vitamin A 875 IU; Vitamin D3 87.5 IU; focusing on supporting vision and brain development for children over 12 months old.
  • With DHA fish-shaped, should children take the whole pill or chew it?
    Unlike other products on the market, Brauer's fish oil capsule has a tangy lemon flavor. Mothers can let chidlren chew it or twist the capsules tail to get the fish oil into their spoon/ food.
  • Which is the best product to use if my children tend to cry while asleep at night?
    After considering, the lack of Calcium and Vitamin D might be the reason. Lack of Calcium is easy to stop the metabolism in the central nervous system, affecting the brain cortex makes it not easy for children to sleep or have a deep sleep. Some other signs indicate Calcium deficiency in children such as hair loss, slow teething, etc. Mothers can use the combo of 2 Brauer Vitamin D and Liquid Calcium for children at the same time.